Please book in advance. I am not available 24/7.

Meet and greet: 1hr over coffee and drinks to have a chat about The Affair or travel together-$100

  • 1hr-$300
  • 2hrs-$500
  • 3hrs-$750

All day clock-free package (max. 8 hrs) – $1000

Overnight (max. 14 hrs incl. min 6 hrs of sleep)- $1500

Travel companion:
Longer engagements can be arranged anywhere in the country or in the world. Please send an email detailing the plan:
dates, location and duration of the trip.
It is advisable to contact me at least 14 days prior to ensure I am able to join you.
A deposit including travel expences is required for travel appointments.

Out-of-town, interstate and international
engagements- POR (please inquire)

Adventures together:
If you’ve been dreaming of a specific adventure, but haven’t found a suitable partner to come along, I am happy to oblige.
Travelling is my passion and these days I really indulge.

offer significant discounts (50-75%) on specific adventures that I
would like to experiece (these vary, so check back from time to time):

  • Shopping trip to Dubai travelling First class Emirates flight with a stay at Burj-Al-Arab
  • Shopping trip to Abu Dhabi travelling First class Etihad flight with a stay at Emirates Palace
  • Theater
    adventure in London travelling either Virgin Atlantic Upper class suite
    or British Airways First Class with astay in any of London’s 5 star